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I'm on active duty in the Navy and I have to tell you that this site is a kind of haven for me. I check it occasionally to see if anything new has shown up, or if any shipmates are on here. Great to see Jon Panitz in the photo on the opening page -- he helped to arrange my wedding 11 years ago. Too many stories for this forum, but hope to see more from the readers.

All the best,
Al Elkins
Newport RI


We were so very pleased to find this site. Our daughter, SR Leah R. Gershen, is presently beginning her third week at boot camp in Great Lakes Illinois. She comes from a long line of Navy family. Her father, Harvey Gershen served as a Seabee in Viet Nam, more precisely Cambodia, during the Viet Nam War. Her grandmother enlisted as one of the first waves during W.W.II. Her grandfather Curtis M. Lee, served for 30 years in the US Navy including W.W.II and Korea. Her great-grandfather began his career in law during his enlistment in the US Navy.

We were overwhelmed that Leah found a Rabbi and Friday night services when she reached boot camp. She said that this really helped to keep her going. We all know these weeks in boot camp are not easy, and having this connection
can only help the recruits.

The connection between our history as Jews, our passion for freedom and the defense of freedom's rights, and the armed forces is only natural. We are so very proud to have our daughter choose this meritorious career.

We hope you'll keep up with the good work on this site.

Linda & Harvey Gershen
Destin Florida

Thank you for your kind words. As the newest of our websites (after and, is the "baby" in our ever-growing family of sites about Jews who serve our country bravely in the U.S. Armed Forces, and we are looking forward to seeing it continue to grow through the effors of visitors like you. Also, if you would be interested in having an article written about your daughter (or, for that matter, about any member of your fascinating family who has served in the Navy!), please let us know. Thank you again for taking the time to write us.


Stationed in Sidi Yahia, Morocco as a CT. There wasn't more then 6 of us there while I served. We did manage to have a Passover Seder with plenty of Gentile Officers as guests. I was glad to see this site and will visit again.
Bill Bash

Thank you for your kind words. It is definitely a good idea to keep on returning to our site, as we are - and will continue to be - adding new information, articles, and updates!!


Hi my name is Sheldon Sidlow Navy Vet circa Korea. Spent time at Great Lakes 1/51 to3/51 went to Personelman "A" school, Norfolk. Went to Temple on Colonial ave and never once did I even get a Shabbat Shalom.
Oh well the South is the South. Transfered back to So Cal my home and then spent the balance of my 3 years 10 months 13 days as a Senior Personelman on board MSTSPAC troop ships plying the golden sands of Hawaii, Gua, Okinawa, and some delighful trips to Japan. Korea with Marines several times on the General ships Gordon and Shanks. Great duty my own cabin, first class chow and very little work load. Enjoyed your site came aross it while surfing the JWVets home page. Keep up the good work I still keep in touch with 6 or 7 other Jewish sailors here in the LA Area., all Korean War vets. Many thanks.

-Shelly Sidflow

Thanks for your kind words and for your service to our country.


Great idea. It's about time. Why didn't I know about this sooner?


We're just glad you know about us now. Please continue to spread the word!!


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Hey, is that Aaron from Milwaukee? I don't recall your mentioning having been in the Navy. On the other hand, I may not have mentioned the Navy to you, either. I spent 1963-1988 learning and working in various aspects of photography in the navy. Finished up as AOIC of Navy Schools of Photography in Pensacola, a few years before they were swallowed up by DOD.

Dave Bluestone


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Thank you for taking the time to write us and to take a look at our site. Happy New Year to you, as well, and have a wonderful Sukkot!


As a Jewish retired disabled vet with 24 years in the Army I think it is about time something like your sites were built. I appreciate the hard work you all have done. Now, if only you can get more publicity!

My wife retired from the Army in 1996 with 22 years, she was the first female ROTC grad commissioned from Purdue University.

Good Luck and keep up the sites.

Mike Gelfand
Indianapolis, IN

Thank you for your kind words and, most importantly, for your sacrifices on behalf of our country.,,


Great sites--all three of them devoted to Jewish Sailors, Marines and GIs! Although I am not Jewish (as far as I know), and although I have never served in the armed forces, I am pleased that I had the chance to discover and visit these websites.

A couple of thoughts. How about adding some bibliographies with books and magazine articles so that your visitors who are so inclined could get some ideas for fiction and non-fiction works about soldiers, sailors and Marines? Also, will there be websites devoted to Jewish personnel in the Air Force, and possibly the Coast Guard, as well? Please advise. Once
again, great sites.

Joel Bader

Thanks for your suggestions! We will take your ideas into consideration as we continue to develop our websites. By the way, we are currently working on sites devoted to Jews in the Air Force, the Coast Guard, and other areas of the Armed Forces and the security services. Stay tuned....,,